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Behind Conviu is a strong team that can help you with everything that you don't dare or don't have the capacity to do yourself. We'll give you a helping hand in all directions of on-line marketing.

What can we do for you?

PPC campaigns

Do you want to reach clients who are looking for your products but don't know anything about your brand? Then the so-called PPC campaigns are perfect for you in online marketing. This is one of the best marketing strategies where you pay to click on the ad. We will set up all PPC campaigns, evaluate them and optimize them for you so they bring you new clients and profit and not add any extra work for you. Also we will make your brand visible where your competition would otherwise be. We rely on long-term cooperation with clients. We have experience with start-up e-shops, so also with large clients who have million czech crowns budgets in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We are a certified Google Partner and a verified Sklik agency.

Services on comparison shopping site and automatic bidding

If you are not yet on comparison shopping site such as Heureka, Zboží, we will be glad to help you with that. We will pair all your products, adjust the necessary categories, productnames or add parameters. Also we will help you with all other settings to achieve your set goals. We will take care of the complete services on comparison shopping sites for you.

Automatic bidding

There is always a „fight“ between competitors for the first ranks of comparison shopping site, such as Heureka and Zbozi, which requires constant optimization. If you yourself do not have enough experience or time to devote to it, leave it to us! We will get relevant customers for your e-shop, who will actually buy.

We'll edit XML feeds, match products and optimize CPC. We'll set up automatic bidding so you can sleep easy and still be ahead of your competition with your TOP products in the comparison shopping site. The good news is that you don't have to be the cheapest. From comparison shopping site in fact, the majority of potential customers come from bid positions – 60 % from Heureka and 80 % from Zboží.

So don't leave anything to chance and start automatic bidding today, every day counts!

Social media (Facebook and Instagram)

Active social media increase the credibility of any company, so it pays to work on them. This is exactly what we will help you with, we offer complete social media services, with the main emphasis on building brand awareness, quality content, thorough analysis, regular optimization and relationship building with customers. We will establish a strategy that will fully suit and achieve the predetermined goals. Social media is a great tool for brand development, so incorporate it into your marketing mix.


We will optimize your website in such a way that it raises you to the top of the search results. Let us optimize your website and this show your competition that you are superior to them and show potential customers that you are the right one for them. We will also develop a detailed analysis of keywords, according to which we will know exactly which keywords to implement in the text. We offer comprehensive SEO services or solving the given problem, which also includes SEO audit of the website, professional link building, removal of obstacles in indexing and tuning of on-page factors.

Building back links (Linkbuilding)

Link building is the process of getting links from other websites to your own site. These links are an important factor for search engines (eg Google and Seznam) in determining the credibility, authority and relevance of your site. The more quality and relevant links that point to your site, the more likely search engines will find your site trustworthy and interesting to users, and you'll get higher search engine rankings. And higher rankings mean more traffic and more customers.


Internet intelligent banner advertising with perfect results, works in the form of RTB. Criteo is suitable for remarketing campaigns from the feed or for acquisition campaigns, the campaigns are able to achieve very good results. Dynamic remarketing will bring you fast learning, a very good conversion rate and a high return on investment. Criteo works with internal behavioral data, which is why it is able to target conversions even with an acquisition campaign. Of course, whentraffic measurement, will bring high traffic under good conditions. We will also help you with this platform, we will set up and optimize everything to achieve the desired results as best as possible.

Increasing Traffic

We offer the optimization of traffic to your website or e-shop. We will perform a detailed analysis of the current situation, find out how customers search for your products or services, and subsequently propose any adjustments to individual pages. Our goal is not only to increase the number of visitors, but also to improve the user experience the friendliness of your website.

Email Marketing

Be inspired to not be just another sender of junk mail that ends up in the trash. With our approach, your email list will turn into a loyal customer base. We use sophisticated tools to create not only traditional newsletters, but also fully automated emails that respond to each customer's unique behavior. The key to success is always a thoughtful email marketing strategy.

Business listings on Google and Seznam

Business listings are a key part of a business's online presence with a number of benefits. They improve search engine visibility, which is especially important for local businesses to reach customers in a given area. They provide credibility and authority to a business through reviews and updated information. Business listings also promote local marketing and the sharing of important business information. An integral part is easy route planning directly to you. Overall, the right business listings are a key element for a successful online presence and can go a long way in improving visibility, credibility and interaction with customers.

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