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you'll save up
2 hour/day

On average, you'll save
10 thousand/month

even as little as half
able worker

More automation = less manual clicking
Tens of hours of work for graphics, five minutes for Conviu.

How to edit hundreds of product images in just a few minutes and save on graphic designer fees? The Image Editor in Conviu! It can uniformly change backgrounds, add logos, ratings, labels for free shipping or discounts.
Click, click, and you're done..

The most tedious job of the day for a graphic designer, but a piece of cake for Conviu in just a few minutes. In our XML Graphic Editor, bulk image editing is a breeze for everyone, yielding professional-looking results. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • unify or remove backgrounds,
  • add a logo or any other graphic element,
  • add static text,
  • set up time-based rules (from when to when the element should be displayed),
  • set custom conditions (for example, display a label for free shipping on products above a certain price threshold)
  • and other advanced features.

This Conviu feature will be particularly appreciated when editing product photos. You can easily inform customers about free shipping, special product prices, new arrivals, bestsellers, or clearance sales. Additionally, for the creative types, we've added the ability to conditionally apply changes to individual images.

You can then export the images in predefined dimensions for Google, Facebook, or online marketplaces, or set your own dimensions. Voilà, saved money on the tedious work of a graphic designer and saved time for real-life matters.

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Sample of the image editor

A clever graphic tool that can add your logo, various sale tags, static text, and even variables to product images in bulk is a new feature in the Conviu XML editor. And it's not just about adding. You'll also surely appreciate the simple background removal option when you need to put a product on a transparent background.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to remove the background and resize all the images for the marketplace, can Conviu help me with that?
Yes, Conviu can easily remove the background from all images. It can also resize images to the dimensions you need.
If I change the size of one side of the image, will the image be distorted?
Conviu resizes the image with respect to the aspect ratio of the sides and always reduces it in the same ratio. Therefore, image distortion cannot occur.
Is it possible to set a label for current promotional products for Facebook advertising?
Yes, it is possible to define a condition for the label under which the label will be displayed. This condition could be, for example, the discount amount, a specific time period, displaying free shipping for products based on their sale price, and so on.
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How much data did the modul already processed?

Image editor already processed:

36 GB

processed images

over 2

input images

over 2

edited images

Image editor

Our prices are advantageous for both small and large e-shops. You pay only for the modules that you actually use.
Image editor
Number of products in the module:
For additional 10 thousand items + 20 EUR.

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Who is Conviu already saving time and money for?

Díky Conviu naskladňuji položky do Shoptetu na pár kliknutí, a to včetně upravených popisků, vlastních kategorií i cenové kalkulace. Vše jde jak po másle a úspora času je obrovská.
Pavel Borovička
Tak tady se lámou e-commerce ledy. Pomocí (ať už supportem, nebo službou), která se mi od Conviu dostává, jsem ušetřil nemalé peníze za jednoho zaměstance navíc.
Michal Cuper
REDSTORE ONLINE, s.r.o. - jednatel společnosti
Conviu nám výrazně usnadnilo práci ohledně biddingu a rychlých úprav v XML souboru. Dřív jsme na úpravy feedů museli čekat, teď už to zvládneme sami.
Petra Nováková

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E-shop owner

Conviu is made for you. Not like. Really. With one tool for a reasonable monthly price, you'll cover agendas that would otherwise require at least 3 different tools... and half a programmer to go with it.

Marketing agency

Managing feeds, comparators and prices for multiple clients has never been so easy and fast.Conviu will be appreciated by larger agencies, but also by one-person agencies (freelancers). The price works out well for everyone

Supplier / Manufacturer

Are your subscribers figuring out what should be in the merchandise feed? End endless discussions and serve them the data they want. You will also use the monitoring of your competition prices and a sophisticated system of alerts