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Behind Conviu is a strong team that can help you with everything that you don't dare or don't have the capacity to do yourself.

Offer of our services that will save you a lot of time and energy:

Connection of supplier XML feeds

Do you spend hours updating prices, availability and verifying other information? Not anymore! We will automatically connect your e-shop with suppliers via XML feeds.

You simply choose any number of suppliers and determine the frequency of updates and their timing for each, so that they ideally fit into the daily rhythm of your e-shop. We will take care of everything else.

We update around 800 million products daily.

Connection to marketplaces

Do you want to offer your products on online marketplaces like Mall Marketplace, Alza Marketplace, Kaufland Marketplace, Allegro or even Amazon? That's a good decision, you can reach tens of thousands new potential customers on the Czech and foreign markets. Each marketplace has its own requirements for the structure of the feed, which are quite strict. And the success of cooperation also depends on them - you don't want your products to appear in the wrong categories or with broken labels. Leave it to us, you can rely on our experience.

Settings of Pricing

Automatic pricing is the process by which the prices of products or services are automatically changed or set based on various factors such as supply and demand, competitive prices, seasonal trends, profit margins, and other variables. We will help you set up and connect the automatic dynamic pricing not only for the e-shop, but also for accounting software, e.g. Pohoda. Conviu can deal with any price war strategy and we also have detailed results and statistics for you for any period. We will also provide you with a consultation to choose the right strategy or their combination.

Expansion abroad – translation + AI

For the translation of the entire e-shop or only selected categories and products, we have a handy helper - an automatic translator. You can choose from 3 translators. Of course, we will help you set up the translation and calculate the price of your translation. At the same time, we will teach you (or do it for you) to enter work to our next helper - an automatic copywriter (AI) so that outputs no longer need tuning from a live copywriter. We will also help you set a uniform style of texts that reflects your tone-of-voice.

Setting of Price monitoring

We recommend price monitoring not only for e-shops, but also for suppliers or manufacturers as a useful tool for monitoring the prices of their products on the market. We can set everything up for you and, with knowledge of the competition's prices, we can compile individual pricing for you. Only then can you monitor every day in administration how your products are doing compared to the market.

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