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What can Conviu help you with

XML feeds, matching, monitoring and bidding, pricing, image editor. And add alerts and artificial intelligence. Lost? Don't worry! It sounds complicated, but it's quite simple. Just thanks to Conviu.

What can Conviu do for you? Let's take a look at the example of a typical e-shop.

You take the goods from suppliers.

But what to take and from who? And from who can I borrow labels and photos?How to add your goods to e-shop categories? You need a machine that will collapse lists of goods (names, descriptions, images, categories, prices, ...) from suppliers, i.e. supplier feeds. It handles all feed formats and organizes them. When needed, they edit photos in bulk and translate texts from English as easily as from Ukrainian. You need Conviu for all of this.

You operate in a highly competitive market.

Therefore, you need to shine (get to the top positions) in the Heureka and Zbozi price comparators. And sell outside of your own e-shop on online marketplaces. Of course, you want to have an overview of the competition's prices (don't spy, monitor!), what's being sold and what you're missing from the assortment. Conviu can do it all

You would like to earn something too, right?

Just figure out if you want to maximize profit or turnover and go after it with the help of smart pricing. Customers must like the prices, and you must like the numbers in the margin, turnover and profit columns. Putting this together in an e-shop with thousands of items is quite a challenge - exactly the kind of challenge that Conviu is made for. And also the reason why we also harnessed artificial intelligence.

Look. You can't avoid mistakes.

Even the best e-shop sometimes sells for zero, buys from the most expensive supplier, has an empty category on the website or pays 2x more than usual for clicks. That's why you need Conviu, where you can set vital alerts and reports. When something suspicious happens, you know it first.

Bottom line, Conviu can do a lot. But you will only pay for what you actually use. One module or all? It's up to you.

You have nothing to lose by trying.

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Who is Conviu for?

E-shop owner

Conviu is made for you. Not like. Really. With one tool for a reasonable monthly price, you'll cover agendas that would otherwise require at least 3 different tools... and half a programmer to go with it.

Marketing agency

Managing feeds, comparators and prices for multiple clients has never been so easy and fast.Conviu will be appreciated by larger agencies, but also by one-person agencies (freelancers). The price works out well for everyone

Supplier / Manufacturer

Are your subscribers figuring out what should be in the merchandise feed? End endless discussions and serve them the data they want. You will also use the monitoring of your competition prices and a sophisticated system of alerts