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Jak získat dlouhodobé zákazníky, kteří nakupují opakovaně

Ivana Broklová
5 minutes of reading

Získat zákazníka může být v dnešní době s pomocí různých marketingových technik relativně snadné, avšak pravou výzvou pro každý e-shop je udržet jejich pozornost a loajalitu dlouhodobě.

Who is Conviu for?

E-shop owner

Conviu is made for you. Not like. Really. With one tool for a reasonable monthly price, you'll cover agendas that would otherwise require at least 3 different tools... and half a programmer to go with it.

Marketing agency

Managing feeds, comparators and prices for multiple clients has never been so easy and fast.Conviu will be appreciated by larger agencies, but also by one-person agencies (freelancers). The price works out well for everyone

Supplier / Manufacturer

Are your subscribers figuring out what should be in the merchandise feed? End endless discussions and serve them the data they want. You will also use the monitoring of your competition prices and a sophisticated system of alerts